“At Age 55 I Can’t Gain Any Muscle”

On a forum a guy wrote “At age 55 I can’t gain any muscle.”

Why would he write that when guys as old as 90 have been able to develop some muscle?

Here are 2 possibilities:

1. He may have maxed out his genetic potential, and, thus, may not be able to make any more gains.

2. He might be mistaking the slower gains of advanced age for no gains.

This I know. At 68 I’m making gains, though meager compared to what I could do when I was in my teens and twenties. And the gains come at a snail’s pace. I was thinking about this today. There’s a huge difference in how my muscles pump up at this age and how much faster they grew decades ago. By now, if I were a younger man, my arms would easily be an inch or more larger from the training I’ve done. Easily.

I was also thinking about how many people who exercise don’t do it to try to make their muscles bigger. They do it primarily for improving or maintaining their health.

But, with age, it’s most beneficial to build muscle and stay strong because if you do nothing and allow the aging process to strip you of your strength and muscles, you face the dreaded possibility of becoming too weak to take care of yourself. In other words, you could lose your independence and be at the mercy of others for your daily needs, or, worse, shut away in an institution.

The good news is you can build muscle and strength at age 55 and beyond. If you’ve reached your genetic potential you can salvage your muscle mass and your strength to an appreciable degree. You can build or salvage muscle mass provided you work out 2 or 3 times a week with progressive resistance and stay consistent in your workouts.

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