How Clarence Bass Avoided The “Stringy Leanness” And No Legs Look Of Older Bodybuilders

Charles Bass is a remarkable physical specimen. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he’s one of the best built older men you will ever see. A little about him from Wikipedia:

Clarence Bass is an attorney and fitness writer. He is well known among elite fitness enthusiasts for integrating the most up-to-date scientific research on nutrition, weight training and aerobic exercise into a fitness lifestyle that has lasted almost 60 years. He is also known for his series of Ripped books, which chronicle how he brought his body fat down to 2.4% and became a past-40 bodybuilding champion. Bass also wrote a monthly question-and-answer column in Muscle & Fitness bodybuilding magazine. He has kept detailed journals and photos documenting his fitness spanning almost 60 years. He continues to train and publish monthly articles on his website.

At his website article Peak Shape – At 60 you can read what he did to avoid the “stringy leanness” and no legs look of older bodybuilders.

On a related note, if older bodybuilders lack the more muscled legs of younger bodybuilders, this suggests how legs take a terrible beating from the aging process and the importance for every older man to do leg work, if even just squats or leg extensions for quads.

Then, more forebodingly, there’s this: Skinny Legs a Risk for Cardiovascular Disease and Death (The Chicken Leg Syndrome).

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